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Human Growth Factor For Hair

Total Hair and Body Medical is bringing this incredibly effective hair restoration solution to Knoxville. Human Growth Factor is a powerful new cosmetic treatment option, which is an alternative to drugs and hair transplants. Growth Factors for hair are powerful, cosmetic “non-drug” alternatives for treatment of thinning and aging hair. For optimal results, patients should follow a 1-year treatment plan.

How does it work?

Peptides are known to be powerful in helping your hair, and if powerful peptides are a pebble, then growth factors power are a like mountain of power when it comes to fuller, thicker looking hair. The Growth Factor Proteins are produced naturally in your body and they naturally stimulate hair activity. As you age, your body produces less and less of these proteins. This was a Nobel Prize-winning discovery in 1986. The Growth Factor Protein complex is the highest quality and highest concentration growth factor complex available in the world.

Human Growth Factors are not only an effective standalone product to improve the appearance of thicker and healthier hair, but it is an excellent supplement to other treatments.

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