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Scar Therapy

Scar Treatment

The psychological impact of scars must not be ignored as they can affect a person’s life and sometimes outweigh the physical symptoms. To date, scars cannot be removed completely, but with effective treatment and good management, the appearance and side effects of a scar can be improved significantly in most cases. In addition, the likelihood of developing abnormal scars can be reduced effectively if treatment starts shortly after wound closure.

Your treatment options may vary based on the type and degree of scarring and can include:

A scar is a permanent mark on your skin left by a healed wound. It is the result of the normal wound healing process after skin tissue is injured. The body produces collagen to reconnect tissues which are broken apart by an injury. Scars consist of flexible and strong collagen tissue which is formed during said repair process of the skin. Immature scars can have a reddish color and are usually raised, itchy and might be slightly painful. A normal mature scar develops later on during the maturation phase. The scar will become flattened and pale in color, e.g. white or silver, but it will not fully disappear. You will be left with a mark on your skin. The whole scarring process can take up to 2 years to conclude.

In some cases, scars can become problematic or abnormal. They do not heal to become a fine line but remain visibly different to the surrounding skin in size, color, contour and texture. Several varieties of abnormal scars exist and include types such as hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Itching, tenderness or pain are well-known physical symptoms of scars which can impact the quality of life significantly. Scars that continue to grow can limit movement and may be functionally disabling. Some abnormal scars may take many years to soften and fade.

Acne Scar Treatment

The scars that acne may leave behind can often be more formidable than the pimples that preceded them. Many acne scars are deep within the dermis.  Microneedling in general can reduce acne scarring by going further into the skin than traditional skin resurfacing devices