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About Total Hair & Body Medical

Our Knoxville team is comprised of experienced providers and caregivers who deliver innovative, physician-based hair restoration and hair removal solutions as well as age-appropriate skin health treatments. We strive to make every patient feel comfortable and to help them achieve natural-looking, healthy results. Compassionate, personalized care and attention to detail are paramount to who we are.

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Dr. Darin Hale, MD

Dr. Darin Hale is a Board-Certified Family Physician in Knoxville with a passion to help men and women feel and look their best in every stage of life. Dr. Hale and his college sweetheart have been happily married since 1991. They’ve been blessed with a family of four daughters, some amazing sons-in-law and two dogs that complete the family.

He is an Alumni of East Tennessee State University and completed his Law Degree at Thomas Cooley Law School. He followed his passion for medicine and went to medical school, completing his Residency at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Family Medicine.

Despite a thriving career in Emergency Medicine, he developed a keen interest in natural-based hormone replacement, better known as “Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet Therapy” when his wife had to have a premature total hysterectomy. He has been compassionately treating patients with this type of therapy since 2009. It was during this course of study and practice that he further discovered the need for both hair restoration and hair removal.

Total Hair and Body Medical is the culmination of Dr. Hale’s vision to deliver compassionate, innovative solutions to his patients.

Dr. Darin Hale, MD - Board-Certified Family Physician in Knoxville and founder of Total Hair & Body Medical